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Trevor originates from Oklahoma City. Upon graduating high school, he enlisted as an infantryman in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. He completed his second enlistment in the Army Reserves, where he briefly served as the Assistant Battalion Anti-Terrorism Officer in a Civil Affairs unit.
While in the service, Trevor attended UCO for one year before transferring to OU. After a false start as a studio art major, he completed his studies with a BA in International Studies. He was required to study a foreign language for two years and attend a study abroad program as part of his studies. He chose to study Russian and, in 2009, attended a study abroad program in Estonia, Ukraine and Russia. The experience provided a unique understanding of the geopolitical themes that have proven to be relevant to the current state of the world, as well as a much deeper understanding of human communication, connection and culture. During this trip, he was fortunate to be able to attend the Estonian Song Festival, held once every 5 years, and maneuvered his way onto the stage with over 25,000 Estonian singers. His Estonian vocabulary was never higher than four words.
Upon graduating, he initially entered the world of commissioned sales before establishing a career as an oil and gas land man. While the land experience has given him a much broader base of knowledge relevant to real estate, his sales experience inspired a deep interest in more effective communication.
As a real estate professional, Trevor loves a challenge and knows each transaction represents a very personal transition for a family and does his utmost to honor that. Whether it is taking high-end photography of his own listings or explaining Russian naming conventions so a lender can better relate to his clients, Trevor finds ways to leverage his past experiences to improve the outcomes for those he is honored to serve.

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