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Lara Hensley, proudly rooted in Oklahoma's OKC metro, adeptly fulfills the roles of an Occupational Therapy Assistant and a compassionate real estate enthusiast. Her unwavering commitment to honesty and care transcends professional boundaries, extending into assisting others not just in occupational therapy but also in navigating the intricate world of real estate.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lara is a cornerstone of a loving family, married with three boys. Her warm and outgoing nature seamlessly weaves into the fabric of her personal life, creating profound connections that make her a go-to person for both professional advice and heartfelt personal conversations. Lara's dedication extends beyond her immediate family, encompassing a circle of friends who rely on her for support and guidance.

In her cherished downtime, Lara actively engages in fostering relationships within the community, leaving a positive impact wherever she goes. Her love for yoga and soccer not only reflects her dedication to personal well-being but also serves as a conduit for building connections with like-minded individuals. Lara emerges as a well-rounded individual, not only excelling in her professional endeavors but also enriching the lives of those around her through meaningful relationships and shared passions.

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