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Aryana Bedeau is Kansas born, but Oklahoma raised. She went to 5 schools in Oklahoma from Anadarko, Prague, Little Axe, Elgin and Riverside Indian School. She attended Haskell University in Lawrence, Kansas where she cheered and later made a spontaneous move out to Dallas, Texas on a one-way ticket with one piece of luggage in her early 20s. Aryana relocated back to Edmond, Oklahoma in 2020 with a wedding ring and a husband from Zürich, Switzerland. Her husband is Japanese and German and speaks several languages.

Aryana worked in Dallas, Texas at a luxurious restaurant that she opened where she was the lead maître d' and catered to many celebrities and NBA and NHL players. Aryana loves to cater to all types of people and is athletic and energetic. She is federally recognized in the Wichita tribe of Oklahoma. Aryana is very passionate about helping her people and helping others strive to reach their goals. She loves to experiment in the kitchen and host dinner parties in her free time and has a goal to become a Master Chef before she is 40.

Aryana in real estate is a true believer in working hard and believing anything can be yours with hard work, determination and communication.

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